How to Disable Your Laptop Touchpad

Laptops come with their own mousepads or trackpads, whatever you call them, that are completely functional and adequate for their intended use. But have you ever accidentally clicked on your laptop’s touchpad in the middle of an important work assignment and messed up something beyond fixing? It’s positively enraging! Sometimes, touchpads are more headache than they are worth. All hope is not lost, though! There is a way to disable the touchpad of a laptop to make sure those clunky finger mistakes never happen.

Disabling With the Press of a Key

Some touchpads are easily disabled. For instance, on Dell computers you can press Fn + F5 to turn your touchpad on and off. HP computers allow you to turn your touchpad off by just pressing and holding the top-left corner of the touchpad for a bit. You turn the touchpad back on the same way. Unfortunately, not all laptop touchpads are disabled this easily.

Disabling a Touchpad on Windows

Windows offers a fairly easy process of disabling their touchpads. You’ll find the touchpad options in the Mouse section of Devices and Printers, found in Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel of the computers. Once you are in the Mouse section, you’ll choose the option that says Touchpad – be aware that it may say Clickpad or something similar to that. Choose the disable option, and you’re done! To enable the touchpad again, follow the same steps and choose the enable option.

See how to disable a laptop touchpad here: 

Disabling a Touchpad on a Mac

Mac computers offer the option to disable their trackpads when another mouse is plugged in. You’ll find the “Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present” option in the Mouse and Trackpad section of Accessibility in the System Preferences of the computer. 

Why Disable a Touchpad

There are many reasons you may want to disable the touchpad on your laptop. You may just simply prefer to use a hand-held mouse. You may have large hands that don’t really work well with a small touchpad. Additionally, the touchpad of your laptop may be experiencing glitches that make it impossible to use properly. Whatever the reason you have for disabling your laptop touchpad, there are clear and quick instructions for doing so for all laptops!