How to Login to Multiple Accounts in Gmail

Today’s computer user usually juggles multiple email accounts. Gmail makes juggling those multiple email account super easy. Simply sign in to all the accounts you plan to use on your computer, and you can easily navigate them from the top right-hand corner of Chrome. The steps for setting up your Gmail accounts are simple enough for anyone to understand.

Linking Multiple Gmail Accounts

To begin managing multiple Gmail accounts, you will first need to sign in to all of your Gmail accounts to link them. Follow these steps.

Switching Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

One Gmail account will sync to your Chrome, but it is easy and fast to switch between Gmail accounts. Simply follow these steps.

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of your Google page.
  • Mouse over the face icon.
  • Choose the email that you want to use.

It is truly that simple. You can even open multiple tabs and windows with different Gmails up simultaneously. You can sign into multiple accounts for more than just Gmail, as well. Google applications like Google Reader, Voice, Sites, and Calendar can also support multiple email addresses.

See how to manage multiple Gmail accounts here: 

Juggling Like a Pro

Managing multiple accounts with Gmail is incredibly easy and makes navigating your work email and personal email a breeze. Once you are set up, you can switch from account to account with the single click of a mouse.