All About the Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is also known as the Spotted Mist. It’s a breed that’s proudly made in Australia with a Burmese and Abyssinian background.

What was created is this confident and companionable mix that makes a great family pet.

What You Should Know

This short-hair cat comes from Dr. Truda Straede. It was first developed in 1977 from a large gene pool. More than 30 foundation cats were used to create the breed, including half Burmese, a quarter Abyssinian, and quarter Australian Moggy. The Burmese provided the specialized color and the laid-back temperament. The Abyssinian offered a unique pattern and intelligence. Finally, the Moggy provided the spots and vigor.

This cat breed remains attentive and alert. They are considered to be extreme athletes with what appears to be limitless energy. Their inquisitive nature sometimes gets them in trouble, but they remain confident because of their intelligent and self-assured attitude.

What Sound Do They Make?

While the Australian Mist is relatively quiet, it is known to purr loudly when it’s happy.

Group Characteristics

The Australian Mist lives for ten to 13 years.

How Many are There?

The majority of these cats remain in Australia. However, some are found in the United States and the UK. A UK breeder first brought them to the country in 2007. Currently, breeders in Norway are also attempting to start a population there as well.

Pop Culture

Because of how new it is and rare, it’s challenging to find the Australian Mist in any type of movie or TV show. It’s not even a species that is found in animation, though it might be in the future. As of now, the most popular place to encounter one in pop culture would be through the Pet Shop Story app. It’s available for both Android and Apple devices at no charge.

In this game, the Australian Mist is available. Since it is a crossbreed, it is not possible to breed further in the game. In the app, the cat features silver pelts and dark gray markings with green eyes. Collection time equals nine hours and users receive 110 coins from its playpen.

Interesting Facts

An Australian Mist cat is considered relatively healthy. Any cat breed can develop trouble, but there are some that this species is known for. Typically, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and renal failure tend to be the most common complaints. Still, it suffers from minimal genetic issues.

Some owners report that the lighter fur Australian Mist cat seems to develop some skin allergies over time. There are no known documented reports that back up these claims.

The Australian Mist Cat also achieved championship status from the World Cat Federation. It’s been a championship breed for 20 years now.

The temperament of most Australian Mist cats is easygoing. It likes to be picked up and held, even by smaller children. It isn’t a cat that often scratches or bites, so it is a safe option for many families. As kittens, they tend to have a lot of energy and need plenty of exercise. Once they become adults, they often settle down more. They also become quieter. Because they are good indoor cats, they are easy to train. They even enjoy taking walks with a leash and collar.

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